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This book contains a collection of articles on various topics written by Abd-ru-shin during the years 1924 to 1937 as an answer to questions which readers of his work “In the Light of Truth” had asked him.

Preface by the author:

“I often receive letters of genuine gratitude, which arouse great joy in me. The earnestly seeking one, however, who through the lectures has become a finding one, can express his thanks for that only to God himself. Although I have been able to become the mediator, the gift is not from me. I am nothing without God, and could give nothing without him.

As an example I would just like to cite the following: When a gift is brought to a man by a servant, he does not thank the servant, but the giver himself. It is no different here. If I am permitted to draw from sources which are closed to others, then surely I myself have the greatest cause for thanking him who grants me this!”

Extract from “Questions and Answers”:

QUESTION: What is mercy and how is it related to justice?

ANSWER: In the human sense mercy is an arbitrary act, but not in the divine sense. God’s mercy lies in the self-acting laws of creation that bear the will of God, which at the same time is also justice. In their justice they give the fallen human spirits the possibility of achieving ascent again through redemption.

These effects of the self-acting laws of God in Creation bear within them justice and love, and at the same time are also the mercy that God offers to human beings.



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