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  1. Good deeds out of ambition
  2. Responsibility of judges
  3. Unbelieving preachers
  4. Denial of the adoption by God
  5. Confirmation
  6. God-men
  7. The Grail Movement
  8. Social and political questions
  9. The art of breathing
  10. Church attendance
  11. Relapsing into old faults
  12. Publisher’s sign
  13. Does Abd-ru-shin have opponents?
  14. What training did Abd-ru-shin have?
  15. Crucifixion of the Son of God
  16. Revelation of John
  17. Buddhism
  18. Adoption by God
  19. Fainthearted believers
  20. The mystery of Konnersreuth
  21. The thief on the cross
  22. Changing sex with reincarnation
  23. Are all questions answered?
  24. Was Christ a vegetarian?
  25. The real creation and the material world
  26. Mysticism, occultism and spiritism
  27. Is Abd-ru-shin an opponent of astrology?
  28. The Konnersreuth case
  29. What is energy? What is gravity?
  30. Recognition of incarnations from photographs
  31. Is Abd-ru-shin a seer?
  32. Who was the soul in the Konnersreuth mystery?
  33. Can a person possessed by a demon be healed?
  34. Christ and reincarnation
  35. Attraction of homogeneous species
  36. Spiritists
  37. Using the pendulum
  38. Lorber
  39. Criterion for occultism
  40. Duelling
  41. The Son of Man
  42. Knowing through compassion
  43. Reincarnation and religious creeds
  44. Sects and their activities
  45. Buddha
  46. Invocation of saints
  47. The relationship of the Grail Message to other teachings
  48. The Grail Message and Jews
  49. The Son of Man as judge
  50. What is Truth?
  51. How was it before creation?
  52. Examining the Word
  53. The one called by the Light
  54. Grail service
  55. Anthroposophy
  56. Reply to expressions of hostility
  57. Unpleasant thoughts
  58. Why do many people find nothing in the Grail Message?
  59. Does God punish?
  60. Spirit and soul
  61. What are slanderers?
  62. Abd-ru-shin’s attitude towards existing associations
  63. Practical earthly advice
  64. The Grail Message breaks up sects
  65. What is serious seeking?
  66. Feelings of inferiority
  67. The pure simpleton
  68. X-ray eyes
  69. The temptation of the Son of God Jesus in the wilderness
  70. Is there a “providence”?
  71. The expulsion from paradise
  72. Work without joy
  73. Group-soul
  74. Mistakes despite the best volition
  75. Inability to recognise the working of God
  76. Natural and violent death
  77. Mercy and justice
  78. Fate of the Incas
  79. Hostile attacks
  80. Attacks through churches and sects
  81. Prayers
  82. The miracles of Jesus
  83. Does the over-cultivation of the frontal brain have physical disadvantages?
  84. Right assessment of one’s fellow-men
  85. Giving and receiving
  86. Is Abd-ru-shin a Jew?
  87. Is physical resurrection possible?
  88. Countering attacks
  89. Cancer research
          Final declaration



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